The Denver Chalk Art Festival would not be possible without the support of our presenting and square sponsors.

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Why should you or your business support the Larimer Arts Association Chalk Art Festival?

  • The Larimer Arts Association works with you to create and develop experiences for your company to connect with the festival affluent audience.
  • The festival has many opportunities to develop and expand your brand loyalty, awareness and sales.
  • The Larimer Arts Association limits the number of presenting sponsors for the event, thus giving your brand ultimate exposure at the event.
  • We work to create partnerships that make sense and work for both parties. Every partnership is mutually benefiting and different from others. Larimer Arts Association works hard to customize your event sponsorship to fit your business and community goals and objectives.
  • Supporting Larimer Arts Association's artistic and cultural mission aligns your brand with a premier event and is showcased as a good community partner.


Did you know that:

  • 68% of affluent Americans said they would be more likely to pay for a product associated with a good cause
  • 95% of Denver residents said that Colorado's businesses should be active in supporting charitable causes
    • Among the general population, 90% of workers whose companies support a cause felt proud of their company's values versus 56% of those whose companies are not committed to a cause
    • 94% of affluent individuals said they held a more positive image of companies that support a community cause
'2007 was the first time I ever participated in Denver Chalk Art Festival, and it was one of the highlights of that summer. I don't consider myself a performance artist, but getting out there in the crowd really revved me up. I encourage any artist- performance or otherwise to consider being a part of this event. It's great exposure and very inspiring- this coming from someone hesitant to create before an audience- you can do it.'
"I always ask for the biggest square your event allows. The pavement can be rough on one's fingers, but it's easy to overlook when you get to create in your chosen medium and in front of a crowd of appreciative onlookers. Thanks for hosting such a fun event!"
"I enjoy Denver Chalk Art Festival weekend so very much, even though there may be rain or 105 -degree asphalt that burns your fingers. The weekend brings artists and the community together in a way that no other arts event in Denver does. Kudos to Larimer Arts for continuing the tradition."

Ensure our streets are full of talented artists