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Larimer Arts Association

Larimer Arts Association

What is the Larimer Arts Association?

The Lower Downtown Denver Arts Association, dba Larimer Arts Association (LAA), was established in 1996 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting arts awareness and education in Denver. LAA appreciates the value of art and culture, and the opportunity to present these expressions in cooperation with peer organizations. LAA’s mission is to promote, stimulate and encourage the cultural welfare of Denver through interactive cultural events and cooperative art programming for emerging artists.

Issue and Market

Funding for the arts has significantly eroded in our schools, communities and venues. This condition is coupled with the diminishing amount of charitable support of the arts in Denver. The arts receive less than 23% of the total amount of charitable support of the arts in Denver (Cone/Roper Giving Survey 2000). These indications of neglect disregard the highly positive outcomes of culture: entertainment, beauty, fulfillment, and a vehicle of healing for children and adults alike.

Positive Outcomes

Over the years, the Larimer Arts Association had developed new audiences through annual culture event attendance nearing one million. Additionally, more than 500 emerging artists gain much deserved exposure in the Denver community. Audiences and artists have access to more cultural events free of charge. LAA also stresses the importance of exposing young artists to valuable experiences such as sharing their art publicly.

Funding and Status

The Larimer Arts Association is funded primarily by corporate sponsorship grant, event retail and concession sales. LAA is apolitical, has no religious affiliations, and supports affirmative action. LAA is a US 501(c) 3 in the state of Colorado and a SCFD Tier III affiliate.

Our Board of Advisors

Radhika Black
Larimer Associates
Chad Carpenter
car'ma Advertising & Marketing
Christopher Black
Brew Bones, LLC
Jennifer Schiavone
ICF International
Renee Ortiz
Eventful Productions, Inc.
Erika Sauerwein
Claudia Amortegui
The Orion Group
Matt Keeney
Mary Eckels
Gusterman Silversmiths
Steve Kurowski
Colorado Brewers Guild
Jan and Sydney Eitel
Artistic Endeavors
Michael Rieger
Lapis Gallery
David Zupancic
Amber Fochi
Arts and Venues Denver
Jennifer Mosquera
Artistry Events & Design
Eric Matelski
Artist Committee
Randy Segura
Artist Committee
Karen Wachtel
PorchLight Real Estate Group
Cooper Hopkins
Ultimate Staffing Services
Steve DeOrio
Kyle Banister
Professional Artist
Dante Dunlap
Katie Lau
Elena Mlotkowski
Becky Grupe
LiveWell Colorado
Kacey Burke
Fuller Sotheby’s
Jacey McDaniel
Larimer Associates
Katherine Davis
Sage Hospitality
David C. Goetz
Service Systems Associates, Inc.

Our Partners

Denver Public Schools
Denver Public Schools
The Citizens of the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District

Larimer Arts Association Staff

Eventful Productions ' Event Producer (Renee Ortiz)
For questions regarding event production, volunteer opportunities, vendors, and entertainment and sponsorship, contact Renee Ortiz at

Radhika Black, Director
For questions regarding event production, advertising, merchandise sponsorship and general event inquiries, contact Radhika at

Jacey McDaniel, Associate Director
For media inquiries and post-event information, contact Jacey at

Larimer Arts Association does not discriminate against any employee, volunteer or program participant on the basis of age, race, sex, color, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, transgender status, gender identity,gender expression, ancestry, marital status, gender, veteran status, military, political service, affiliation or disability.