Artist Testimonials

Here are what some of our Artists have to say:

Lance Leber (2007 square -Colorado Mammoth):
"I have not yet written a first-hand account, but I do have an animated piece that I can share.  Last year, I had taken enough photos while working that I was able to assemble a "time lapse" of the work in progress. If you open the .gif file in a web browser it will play on a loop.  It turned out fairly cool!"

Laurie Maves (2007 square sponsored by Murray, Franke, Greenhouse List & Lippit):
"I have "La Piazza" as a page on my website.  I was first invited to La Piazza by one of the Larimer Arts board members in 2004, Taylor Kirkpatrick, whom I met from my Leadership Denver Class and I have been in the event ever since!  I think I have met a fair amount of "live painters" from the event and enjoy the weekend so very much, even though there may be rain or 105 -degree asphalt that burns your fingers - the weekend brings artists and the community together in a way that no other arts event in Denver does.  Kudos to Larimer Arts for continuing the tradition."

Janelle Sowers (2007 square sponsored by Kerr Cabinet & Design):
"Last summer '07, was the first time I've ever participated in La Piazza, and it was one of the highlights of that summer!  Thank you!  I don't consider myself a performance artist, but getting out there in the crowd really revved me up!  I encourage any artist- performance or otherwise to consider being a part of this event.  It's great exposure and it's very inspiring- this coming from someone hesitant to create before an audience- you can do it! Thanks for organizing this!"

Jen Thario ( 2007 square sponsored by Urban Frontier):
"This year will be my third year At La Piazza Del Arte! 

Then & Now: " I grew up in Ft. Collins where the downtown merchants held a sidewalk chalk contest for kids every summer."
"Here I am with my first official street painting in 1975 and a photo of me at last year's event. 
(I can see a slight improvement :-) "

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Danyl Cook (2007 square sponsored by John Atencio):
" Well, I don't know how exciting my story is, but I can tell you how I first got involved and why I have done it every year since you started.  As a norm I work in charcoal and pastel, so when the gallery I was showing in approached me to participate in your event I was very excited.  I love to draw big but we had just come off a show where they wanted miniature pieces for the Christmas holiday. The owners felt so strongly that I could NOT draw small, I thought "I'll show them!" and proceeded to make the tiniest art I have ever made - about the size of a business card.  While the work was well-received, the owners said they could tell I was just itching to go big again and your event was the perfect opportunity to do so. Since then I ask for the biggest square you allow. The pavement can be rough on one's fingers, but it's easy to overlook when you get to create in your chosen medium and in front of a crowd of appreciate onlookers. Thanks for hosting such a fun event!"

Mark Cline (2007 square sponsored by 5280 Magazine)
"Last year when Mike Rieger doing the fine job that he doe's with all the patience of a Buddhist priest was waiting on my to finish my piece and I said “hold on Mike I need to write the title and sign it”, then I proceeded to spell the title of my piece wrong. It wouldn't be so bad except it was my original!  Good thing I didn't spell my name wrong. Well thank goodness you can't read it anyway on the web site  or maybe it was Mike's editing –ha ha. Here is another funny thing about two years ago  - you how hot it can be,  well,  it was the end of the first day I was pretty dazed, and I had my shirt off walking towards 16th street. Two fellow artists started talking about something & (maybe we’d had a couple of beers) but he proceeded to draw circles on my chest and a smile by my belly button with the La Piazza chalk. Before I knew it – I WAS art  and I had a smiley face on my front .I think it was better than my chalk drawing after two days of work."

Manea von Griffyn (2007 square sponsored by Xcel Energy Foundation)
I have a great story to tell…

Prior to 2006 La Piazza del Arte I had never done Sidewalk Chalk art before. I was walking one summer, two years ago, to campus for summer school at Metro, and saw a sidewalk chalk artist doing a piece for the WB tv station. I talked to the artist and to Michael. He said that if I was interested in giving it a try I could show up on Saturday and fill in for those who didn’t show up. More...

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