When: June 6 & 7, 2009
Where: Larimer Square, downtown Denver
What: Square Sponsorship: Sponsor name will appear on the street above the artwork
How: Please indicate the size of art square you would like to sponsor:

Enter quantity below: Sponsorship options:
4’x 6’ or 6’x 6’ space *
$220     2 invitations to Patron Party
6’x 8’ or 8’x 8’ space * $420     4 invitations to Patron Party
8’x 12’ space * $820     8 invitations to Patron Party
12’ x 12’ space $2550   16 invitations to Patron Party
(This size completed by professional Madonnari (featured artists) only)
* If you would like to sponsor a specific artist, please fill in their information and we will contact him or her.
OPTIONAL: Artist  Phone  e-mail
(If you do not have a specific artist in mind, LAA will assign you a talented artist - we know plenty of them!)
Name of Business, Individual
or Organization:
Name as you wish it to appear
above your chalk drawing:

(4’ x 6’ or 6’x 6’: 15 characters; 6’x 8’ or 8’ x 8’:  22 characters;
8’ x 12’ or  12’ x 12’: 30 characters)
Contact person:
Daytime phone:
Email address:
Yes! Please contact me regarding volunteer opportunities for me and my company!
Please accept the donation indicated below to Larimer Arts Association:
Enter Amount of Donation: $


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